Photo Ledges
Step by Step Instructions
1Sand all the wood and remove dust from surface using the tack cloth.
2Spread out the old sheet or drop cloth and place the wood on it.
3Stain the wood pieces. Remove excess stain with paper towels. Allow to dry.
4Apply polyurethane. Let dry. Sand. Remove dust. Repeat.
5Attach the 6’ x 1" x 4" pieces of wood with screws to form L shape.
6Attach the 6’ x 1" x 2" piece of wood to the horizontal piece of 6’ x 1" x 4" with brad nailer, forming an edge so the photos won’t slide off once placed on the ledge.
7Find studs in wall and pre-drill through the back of 6’ x 1" x 4" part of the ledge.
8Install wall anchors, and then hang the ledge on the wall anchors.
What You Need
Varathane Wood Stain
Varathane Polyurethane
Old Sheets or Drop Cloth
(2) 6’ x 1" x 4" Pieces of Wood
(1) 6’ x 1" x 2" Piece of Wood
Sandpaper: grit 400
Tack Cloth
Wall Anchors
Stud Finder
Brad Nailer
Paper Towels